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WIEN/ Musikverein: New Year’s Concert 2022 „The Beauty of Being Together“.

Wien/ Musikverein: New Year’s Concert 2022 „The Beauty of Being Together“.


Foto: Wiener Philharmoniker/ Terry Linke

This year’s New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic resembled a mermaid emerging from the sea waves in order to charm, seduce and make people fall in love. It charmed, seduced and made the people fall in love.

Daniel Barenboim awakened our hopes for a new life, with a touch of his baton, he revived the Phoenix, which, spreading its wings in subtle movements, rose into the skies in our imaginations, spreading a vision of a healthy world where we are all close together.

Surrounded by an abundance of flowers, it was with great pleasure that we looked through the morning press served by the fantastic Vienna Philharmonics on that day, their playing was a finesse for us, which provided us with great positive emotions.

Foto: Wiener Philharmoniker/ Terry Linke

In this perfect mood, with great delight we attended the ball accompanied by the rhythms of the overture from „Revenge“ in order to seduce, flirt, love, surprise, delight, as we were delighted in the new version by one of the best orchestras in the world. The entire audience, perfectly prepared for the mystery of a mask, has become an indispensable element of this performance.

The applause given by the audience was a toast to the New Year that began that day.

What could be more enjoyable than the polka and a glass of champagne? With the rhythms of polka, champagne tastes best, with an oriental hint of the „Persian March“ in the background.

Let us get carried away with the waltzes „One Thousand and One Nights“ , just as maestro Daniel Barenboim’s waltz has captured our imagination, and let the spirit of this concert send greetings to Prague.

Vienna. A place in the Musikcverein audience as a way to happiness. The joy of being together.

Foto: Wiener Philharmoniker/ Terry Linke

In the rhythms of the New Year’s concert, which emanated with great energy this year, we could feel the value of coexistence and presence, the presence of one person in the life of another.

Great joy has entered our hearts – the joy of being together during the New Year’s concert in Vienna.

Maetro Daniel Barenboim and the Vienna Philharmonic – thank you.

Iwona Karpińska



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