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VIENNA/ Musikverein: New Year’s Concert 2021

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Copyright: Peter Adamik

Musikverein Vienna: New Year’s Concert 2021


When the broadcast of the New Year’s Concert from Vienna started, there was great joy that we could participate in this celebration, that we could be in this hall recalling the memories of our stay in previous years, which gave the feeling of being there with our thoughts on the spot together with the Viennese.

Each time the camera showed the place from which I listened to the New Year’s Concert 2017 and I felt the atmosphere during the live concert and when it showed the stage that I had the honour of being during the Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, I had the feeling that I am there and I admire this beautiful hall with its unique interior and that I listen without fear to the sound waves filling the historical space, illuminated not only by the light from elegant chandeliers, but above all by the light of the members of the orchestra, who radiated joy, giving us a sense of good fun.

There was something else about this concert, the Viennese style gave way to the melancholy that enveloped the musicians who were lonely on the stage. Frühlingsstimmen Waltz led by maestro Riccardo Muti triggered a dance in me, with which I could express the emotions accompanying this concert.

Riccardo Muti. Copyright: Peter Adamik

The duet from Overture to „Poet and Peasant“ by Franz von Suppè fascinated me and it was the moment when the concert preoccupied me intensely and showed the beauty of the whole undertaking.

Polkas and gallopades set the pace and gave us the energy we needed so much, the energy which we could not convey live, maybe that is why the waltzes were played too slowly, because there was no one to hurry for?

Bad’ner Mad’ln was a protest against the closing of hotels and spas in the current situation, because of which we could not feel the atmosphere of the city and this exceptionally festive event this year.

Iwona Karpińska


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