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WOCLAW : Beauty in the Christmas gesture „NUTCRACKER. Christmas Tale “ by Piotr Tchaikovsky.

22.12.2019 | Ballett/Tanz

Foto:  Ewa Krasucka

Wroclaw Opera: Beauty in the Christmas gesture „Nutcracker. Christmas Tale “ by Piotr Tchaikovsky.


 The street buzz of Christmas arrangements of the well-dressed inhabitants of the town in which the action of the „Nutcracker. Christmas Tale“ by Piotr Tchaikovsky    action takes place – The Youri Vamos Ballet based on E.T.A. Hoffman and Ch. Dickens delights from the first sounds coming from the orchestra.  The strength of this performance is the imagination of the choreographer, full of good taste and sense, stage designer (Youri Vámos, Karol Dutczak) and costume designer (Tijana Jovanovic ) and also very skillfully weaving the family history) of Scrooge to the classic threads of a ballet libretto with famous dance scenes: snowflakes, characteristic dances or spectacular dances pas de deux.

Foto:Ewa Krasucka

 Repair and maintenance of the bicycle, the girl’s dreams of a Christmas gift from the shop window, everyday worries and troubles of adults, their joys and priorities as well as the strength of children’s imagination and children’s aspirations emanated from every movement, gesture, from the excellent preparation of soloists and ballet team giving us a sense of participation in a beautiful Christmas fairy tale, a tale that moves, touches, gives a lot to think about the meaning and meaning of not only holiday days, but the values recognized in life.  

What can you say, if not that we thank you very much for the dance we received as a gift: and this classic showing that the impossible becomes possible and for he Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian dance – for the spontaneity and precise expression of the essence and character each of them – and for everyone else on this stage that day.   

The beauty is closed in a man and sometimes thanks to the tapping of an icicle wand, each character comes to life and says nothing so much in such a beautiful language for the eye and soul.

May this wand always be well-made music, which, like snow, will stop for a moment on the dancing figure, adding its splendor and additional expression in this touching ballet that gives faith and dreams.

Looking at the stage that day, it was impossible not to get the impression that a woman wearing a crown is beautiful. For the coming New Year, I wish everyone to be queens and kings of their lives, to delight themselves and others.

Happy New Year.

Foto: Ewa Krasucka

On stage, we could admire:

Scrooge –  Filip Veverka, Klara Sherly –  Beillard

Prince / Nutcracker  – AndrzeMalinowski

Bob Crachit   – Won June Choi

Mrs. Crachit / Snowflake Queen – Olga Markari

The Spanish dance   – Pablo Martinez Mendez, Beatriz Gijon Francis, Karolina Jankowska, Anna Mendakiewicz, Lucie Le May

The Russian dance   – Stefano Pietragalla

The Chinese dance  – Noriko Nakabayashi

Harlequins and Jackie   – Shiori Taguchi, Ludovico Tambara, Sergi Martinez Castello, Gabriele Lucci, Jaume Deulofeu Segui

The Oriental dance   –  Andrea Aguado Campo, Daniel Agudo Gallardo

The solo Crystal Waltz (of flowers)   –  Magdalena Kurilec-Malinowska, Hannah Cho, Won June Choi, Charalampos Skoupas

The orchestra played under the baton of Thomas Tokarczyk, and the performance got rich  Children’s Choir of the Wrocław Opera and Children of the Ballet School at the Capitol Foundation, who stole my heart.

Iwona Karpińska/ Wrocław

Foto: Ewa Krasucka

Foto: Ewa Krasucka

Foto: Ewa Krasucka

Foto: Ewa Krasucka





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