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WIEN/ Volksoper/Staatsballett: PETER PAN – May 14th, 2019, Vienna State Ballet (Volksoper)

15.05.2019 | Ballett/Tanz

WIEN/ Volksoper/Staatsballett: PETER PAN,  May 14th, 2019, Vienna State Ballet (Volksoper)

It is a good feeling to start a review with positive words: What a delightful, entertaining evening!

Some people seem to have a kind of prejudice against the ballet „Dépendance“ of the Vienna State Ballet at the Volksoper. Why? If I may ask… A gifted, versatile Ensemble. Yes, I would like herewith to emphasize the versatility of the dancers. They master the different styles of musicals, Operettas, Operas, Modern and Classical Ballets and that is quite a range to be conquered. And the Ensemble proved yesterday evening once more its professionality and lack of „airs“. A real Ensemble that works together towards one target.

Foto: Ricardo Leitner

„attitude“ – Ricardo Leitner


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