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WIEN/ Vienna State Ballet: Sleeping Beauty“, revisited. January 23rd, 2024 (Dornröschen

25.01.2024 | Ballett/Performance

VIENNA/ State Ballet:

Sleeping Beauty“, revisited: Vienna State Ballet, January 23rd, 2024 (Dornröschen, Wiener Staatsballett)

January 23rd around 6:40 pm at the Opera: Just by chance, I met a Friend whose husband could not come to yesterday’s performance. She invited me to join her in her box. Even having a nice place on the 9th Row on the Orchestra level, I decided to change places. It had been quite a while since I had witnessed a performance from the second level of the Opera House. It would give me a chance to pay more attention to formations and analyze more the projection skills of some dancers in particular, as they should (in theory) not dance only for the first rows. I could not have been more disappointed, even without having my specs with me (I forgot them at home).


Foto: Ricardo Leitner/ attitude

 January 23rd, 2024, Ricardo leitner/ „attitude – the ballett-platform“




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