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WIEN/Staatsoper: „LIEBESLIEDER – Vienna State Ballet

26.01.2022 | Ballett/Tanz

„Liebeslieder“: Vienna State Ballet, January 25th, 2022
Don’t let yourself be distracted by this gloomy and dark Programme cover, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Evening’s content. This is a very happy Evening which has been very well planned – either purposedly or not. Robbins, Child, and Balanchine – to quote the Gershwin tune: „Who could ask for anything more?“

I must confess but that in times like these, one has so many preoccupations before attending a performance that all of a sudden I just realized the distinctiveness of the program while already sitting in my place at the 13th row… Yes, on the contrary to many countries, here in Austria there are 13th rows in Theatres and Airlines, even 13th floors at Hotels…

Copyright: Ricardo Leitner

Ricardo Leitner/ attitude


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