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WIEN/ Musikverein: „Qui sempre ride il cielo – An afternoon of songs with Cecilia Bartoli and Sir András Schiff

09.05.2022 | Konzert/Liederabende

Qui sempre ride il cielo – An afternoon of songs with Cecilia Bartoli and Sir András Schiff at the Wiener Musikverein, 08.05.2022, 15.30 Uhr

As there was only one concert announced at Wiener Musikverein, the expectations were as high as the pleasant anticipation to experience CECILIA BARTOLI and SIR ANDRÁS SCHIFF at the great golden hall of the Wiener Musikverein. And it can already be said that the expectations had been more than fulfilled. Sir András did not only host through the afternoon in his charming way. His musical intermezzi turned out to be a golden thread between the three blocks of songs Mrs. Bartoli presented. So he took us on a dreamful journey that started in a romantic way with Italian songs from Franz Schubert.

And indeed, already after Mrs. Bartoli’s first song, Sir András had to admit „das war sehr schön“ – „this was very beautiful“. Yes, this first part of the concert was very modest, intimate and touching. Sir András and Mrs. Bartoli presented themselves as a perfect match as they played their music really together and combined each other in the best way. 

During „Vedi, quanto adoro“ (DWV 510) Mrs. Bartoli presented the full range of her impressive voice. Already this was a stunning experience. With Mozart’s Rondo in A-Minor (KV 511) Sir András continued our journey and brought us to the era of Viennese Classic: Mrs. Bartoli sang Haydn’s Arianna a Naxos (Hob. XXVIb:2), a piece that clearly underlined her strengths and gave her the possibility to apply all her skills of intense play on stage as well the colorful range of her warm and formidable voice. Simply virtuoso!

Another „song without lyrics“ (as Sir András called it) followed and again it was Mozart, this time the Fantasy in C-Minor (KV 475). Sir András described it as „a mini opera in 7 minutes. Like Don Giovanni. But fortunately without a director“. A passing critical remark towards the terrible production of Don Giovanni currently staging at Vienna State Opera that was very well understood by the audience and led to intense applause. So actually it turned out here, that Sir András is not only a brilliant musician but also a sharp mind and observer of actual developments.

The journey then brought us from the Viennese Classic to Bel Canto and for sure Rossini. Mrs. Bartoli was now in her own pure element and performed almost unbelievable things with her voice. The colloraturas came as easy as a nursery rhyme – perfectly fitting to Rossini’s „L’Orphéline du Tyrol“. With the next song, the child grew up to „La Grande Coquette“ and was indeed given very coquettish and finally had to result in the „Canzonetta spagnuola“. And what shall we say: Who needs actually Carmen, if you can have Cecilia Bartoli?!

After this explosions of sound and music, Sir András gave us a little break with Mendelssohn’s song without words in E-Major as well as the „Spinnlied“ – just to bring us to Venice to attend „La regata veneziana“ and finally leaving us on a wildflower meadow, where we are strolling together with Mrs. Bartoli right now on this lovely Viennese spring day, following Sir András‘ tune which is balancing like a breeze through the air. What kind of magic! 

While dancing away in our imagination, the concert closed with „La danza“ – full of energy, joy and love of life. Mrs. Bartoli and Sir András gave the honor of two encores and left the standing ovations giving audience with a huge smile and a lot of happiness.

Mille grazie for this wonderful afternoon and bravi, bravissime to these outstanding and exceptional artists!“

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