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VIENNA/ State Opera: A SUITE OF DANCES. Vienna State Ballet, part Première. A pot-pourri of reinventions!

22.05.2021 | Ballett/Tanz

A Suite of Dances: Vienna State Ballet, part Première, May 20th, 2021 – a pot-pourri of reinventions!

A Foreword: apart from the ballet critiques, interviews, researches etc. one of the main purposes of “attitude”, as a Dance platform is to register facts, to take care that some important facts, sometimes just little ones – be they moments, interesting curiosities, technical issues, stylish questions or simple, plain attitudes towards dance – are not forgotten. To register and put down on paper (a matter of habit!) our thoughts about certain times is an invaluable action. Even more when it comes to what is happening at these uncertain times and how these facts are changing our behaviour and lives as well as affecting our attitudes towards everything. And this is what is happening today. The pandemic has ALSO changed the Ballet World, the same way it has turned upside down many different areas of entertainment, business etc. worldwide. But changes keep us alive and that is what we are witnessing now. To change has never hurt anyone, much on the contrary. And we must adapt ourselves to new times although we do not know yet how they are going to look like. But one thing is quite certain. Whatever happens, it will not be the same again. And as “Harsh times call for harsh methods”, sometimes either instinctively or on purpose we have to “reinvent” ourselves along the way.

Copyright: Ricardo Leitner

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