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„Lady in the Dark“: Volksoper Vienna, January 18th, 2022

am 18.1. (Ricardo Leitner/ "attitude")

19.01.2022 | Operette/Musical

„Lady in the Dark“: Volksoper Vienna, January 18th, 2022

What I’d refer to as a „Mammuth production“ (Dancers who can act and sing, an Orchestra without the boasting of a conductor’s entrance, Acrobats, Chorus, Children, Actors who can sing – not Singers who can „act a bit“ – an extensive wardrobe for three dream sequences that are practically independent plays within the play, incredibly quick set changes, tricky scenery etc.) „Lady in the Dark“ is still for many somewhat a secret, something of a „novelty“ – at least that was also what I have heard yesterday during intermission (To be honest with you, I must confess that I love to eavesdrop and hear opinions, especially in Theatres which are visited by a less international public).

Ricardo Leitner/ attitude


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