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Ein Phänomen - drei Choreograhien

02.03.2018 | Ballett/Tanz

attitude: Wunderlich – Première, Opera Graz: March 1st, 2018

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Somebody once wrote: „One of the most disappointing things is to try to write about Dance”. I could not agree more. When you try to describe Dance in written form it turns into literature – another kind of Art. Dance expresses itself by itself. No help from other Art form is required.

That is one reason why I constantly avoid reading programmes, especially the descriptive ones that include “What the choreographer is expressing” or, better said, “What he is trying to express”. There is no need for that. Let us do the thinking. Let the Dance start and let us make up our minds by ourselves…

Unfortunately the Opera Graz is no exception to this misconception. Its, sometimes, far too intellectual programme commentaries are  beautifully written but quite different from the result of what we are witnessing on stage. This time I decided to read the programme on the next day, while I was travelling by train to Salzburg. And was I glad that I had not read it before. In my opinion there were interpretations exposed on the programme that were so extremely subjective that only the choreographer could see them…

Ricardo Leitner


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