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Attitude: Wiener Staatsballett: LUKACS/ LIDBERG/ DUATO

07.03.2020 | Ballett/Tanz

Wiener Staatsballett: LUKACS/ LIDBERG/ DUATO

4. März 2020

Ricardo Leitner wrote: 

I am not going to be coy about this. 

I am VERY proud to have received such a message yesterday: 

„Bravo, dearest Ricardo, for the last review… exactly what I thought! It is actually also what most of the company thought. It’s so nice to have a real professional ballet critic in Vienna. Someone who was a dancer himself, someone who knows a lot about the history of art, someone who can really see through the eyes of an artist and also through the eyes of the “normal” public. The one who is not afraid to say what he really thinks, but still in a correct way. Just Bravo and thank you for your work!“  

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