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attitude: VIENNA/ State Ballet: ENCOUNTERS (Begegnungen): Vienna State Ballet, Volksoper, February 2nd, 2022 – Première

03.02.2022 | Ballett/Tanz

attitude: Encounters (Begegnungen): Vienna State Ballet, Volksoper, February 2nd, 2022 – Première

Let us start to analyze the above-mentioned piece, which premièred February 2nd at the Opera, just by reading the definition of the word „Encounter“: A meeting, especially one that happens by chance.

It gives the Three-ballets‘ evening-Formula a certain seriosity to use an interesting name as a Headline, a catchy one to wrap it in the cellophane of „Artistry“ and somehow „unite“ the three works. At this moment of Mr Bogdan Roščić’s direction period. it seems quite a necessity and mostly inevitable, for the board of directors to awake an apparent effect of intellectuality – which is good marketing for an Opera House – but unfortunately, a cliché that has been seen many times in the course of our lives and which gets more and more boring with the passing of the years: „Encounters“

Copyright: Ricardo Leitner/ attitude

Ricardo Leitner/ attitude


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