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„attitude – dance-platform – St. Pölten: „Moonwalk“: Europa Ballett (St. Pölten), November 25th, 2023

November 25th, 2023 (attitude" - Ricardo leitener)

26.11.2023 | Ballett/Performance

St.Pölten/ NÖ
„Moonwalk“: Europa Ballett (St. Pölten), November 25th, 2023
Peter Breuer’s intellectual (and emotional) quests and searches, that result in a series of ballet seem to be endless are never to be ignored. Once more, as in his „Coco“, he confronts us with a „real“ character. Once more, as I had heard before, we were confronted with pre-conceived judgement; the kind that accentuates a certain prejudice, in this case against the music.


„attitude“ dance-platform – Ricardo Leitner


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