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Robert La Fosse – Danseur : An Interview (Part 1)

13.01.2022 | Ballett/Tanz

Robert La Fosse – Danseur : An Interview (Part 1)
Just for the record…2
About the Past, the Artist, HIV, Death, being Gay, Representation.

I don’t remember who wrote that but many years ago someone commented that during the 70s EVERYBODY in New York City, either male or female, was „in love“ with Peter Martins from The New York City Ballet. To be completely honest with you, the comment was not as „classy“ as that and in fact, used quite vulgar parlance while referring to what everybody was supposed to want to do with Peter Martins! But that is not the „pointe“ and I do not really remember that „state of mind“; I remember though a time when EVERYBODY was in love with Robert La Fosse. Yes…

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