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WROCLAW/ Poland, NEW YEARS-GALA 2016. „Music is more important than words.“

16.01.2016 | Konzert/Liederabende

Poland, Wrocław, New Year’s Gala 2016: „Music is more important than words.“

Bassem Akiki. Copyright: Bogusław Beszłej

At the beginning of the year, from 3rd to 9th January, in the new Wrocław Concert Hall of the National Forum of Music – conducted by Bassem Akiki- took place the first edition of the New Year’s Festival NFM.

The leitmotif was „Inspired by Vienna – Vienna inspired „.

During the festival we heard three concerts – New Year’s Gala under the baton of Bassema Akiki and concerts „Vienna dances“ conducted by Koen Kessels and „Vienna plays“ performed by the Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra, which was masterfully led by an outstanding violinist – Tomasz Tomaszewski.

New Year’s Gala concert turned out to be the most important event. Due to the enormous interest of the audience the concert was played twice during the same day. 

On the 3rd of January theme from the “A Space Odyssey“ movie „by R. Strauss “Sehr breit “of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra “very solemnly inaugurated the event twice, as if both conductor and exceptionally playing NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra wanted to point out that with the New Year comes a time to draw a line under things which overwhelm us and give the space for „new“ … a new life or new events …

Afterwards we submerged ourselves in a waltz, „By the Beautiful Blue Danube““ by J. Strauss that slightly and pleasantly moved us mentally to Vienna, where we could meet another great piece of music.

Thereafter „Maria“ L. Bernstein’s from West Side Story musical or „Lovers“ S. Umebayashi from „House of Flying Daggers“ movie, very subtly performed by soloists EdaLyona and Ilse Eerens, became the driving force of this event. Moreover, exceptionally played, only in the instrumental version, „Waltz of My Heart, by I Novello from the musical “The Dancing Years” confirmed our conviction that music is more important than words  …

Particular attention should also be given to “Overture” from the Snowman pantomime by EW Korngold, not only because of the very young age of the composer (he was only 11), but also because of very exquisite and exceptional solo part performed by first violinist Martin Danilevsky -who made an incredible impression on me, pointed out the beauty of this piece and inspired me to changes…

The whole concert was magical, you might think that a conductor – by incredibly playing this day orchestra, conducted a dialogue with the audience, or with consciously chosen part of it, besides smooth running of the concert through short and factual announcement of pieces by the announcers, could only assert us in this belief…

Dad has a lot of money, mom has nice eyes“ – have you ever heard more beautiful prologue to  „Summertime“ by G. Gershwin’s from Porgy and Bess opera? ..

Copyright: Bogusław Beszłej

The Adventures of Robin Hood  soundtrack (selection) by EW Korngold crowned this extraordinary musical meeting twice …  thanks to conductor who, together with orchestra, gave us such a variety of musical choice, I think we should be fully aware with whom and where we would like to welcome the next upcoming year.

Iwona  Karpińska






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