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15.03.2015 | Allgemein, Ballett/Tanz


Wien/ Staatsoper/ Staatsballett. VERKLUNGENE FESTE / JOSEPHSLEGENDE. Premiere am 4.2. 2015

Sometimes the power of Marketing and Advertisement can be quite underestimated… History shows us many examples, art history even more. It takes just that certain, precise and (very) lucky moment to be on the right spot at the right time…

Just a few weeks ago marvellous Denys Cherevychko had one of the biggest hits of his career with Neumeier’s “Joseph’s Legend”. Definitely a very well-deserved success. No question about that.

But everything can be interpreted from different points of view and to my particular taste, I feel that the marketing Machinery of the State Opera performed perhaps a “bit too well” with him and overlooked a lot another precious performance…

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