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VIENNA/Musikverein: 77th Vienna Philharmonic Ball

20.01.2018 | Konzert/Liederabende

Vienna Philharmonic Ball_2018_(c) Richard Schuster_FRS_0336
Copyright: Richard Schuster

Vienna, Musikverein: 77th Vienna Philharmonic Ball – 18.01.2018

The atmosphere of the 77thVienna Philharmonic Ball that was scheduled for Thursday was in the air among the invited guests long before the official opening of the main entrance. The pedestrians were accosting us and expressing their joy from the fact that the ball was to take place that night, as well as from the fact that we were the lucky ones to be taking part in it, both of which proved the prestige of the event itself.

The sense of elegance, exquisiteness, and high society music welcomed the guests from the very moment they passed the threshold, thanks to which we could feel not only the magic of the place, but also the incredible atmosphere among the ball participants.


Once the sight of the beautiful Ball Room and the bouquet of flowers which always enchant people with their natural beauty brought us the feeling of contentment, the dance floor got full of youth – while the ladies in their white dresses gave the event the touch of innocence, freshness, and shine, the men wearing their black tailcoats gave it the touch of unique elegance.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball_Domingo_(c) Richard Schuster_FRS_0160
Copyright: Richard Schuster

Once the ceremony of the Silver Rose Awards began to the sounds of the triumphant fanfares by Richard Strauss, the feeling of joy among the guests reached its culmination point, being more so enhanced by the feeling of pride and happiness that appeared on the faces of Placido Domingo and the maiden as his entourage with him, as well as was shared by the suite of the celebrities invited.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball_Domingo_(c) Richard Schuster_FRS_0155
Copyright: Richard Schuster

Once masterful Placido Domingo with his baton gave the sign, and the illustrious orchestra of the Vienna philharmonic performers, all in a very good mood, introduced us to the rhythms of the Waltz dances from the „Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar, the ball room got filled with a multitude of sounds to which the pairs to the dance danced after the official opening ceremony.

What will be with us in our memories of the ball is the blaze of colors of the ladies’ ball dresses, the maidens who shone not just thanks to the refinements on their night gowns, but also thanks to the radiant smiles on their faces, gracefully moving dancers, and also the guests to the ball singing all together from the dance floor.

The music was all over the place, making to our ears in a variety of its forms from all the halls around. Every nook and corner of the place was filled with sophisticated music, and on the faces of the people you could see the joy and delight from the fact that they could all be there together, mutually celebrating the celebration of music that this event was. All the guests at the event were incredibly kind, dignified, well-mannered, and gallant.

The ubiquitous impression that night was that every lady’s natural refinements were living flowers, beautiful music, and dance.

Vienna Philharmonic Ball_Domingo_(c) Richard Schuster_WPB18-145
Copyright: Richard Schuster

When the all-favorite pieces of music such as „Maria” and „Tonight” from the „West Side Story” by the composer Leonard Bernstein, the waltz dances from The Skaters’ Waltz, or the music from the „Blue Danube”, to which a tear of emotion appears in the eye, played by the orchestra under the conduct by Professor Helmut Steubl, resounded from the sea of music, it could be said in full certainty that it was an extraordinarily good evening.

Iwona Karpińska


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