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01.10.2016 | Konzert/Liederabende

Poland: The Cracow evening time meditations by Edita Gruberova.

Copyright by Michal Ramus

Having seated ourselves  in the audience gallery of the Congress Centre ICE in Cracow on a September evening we couldn’t help but wander how Edita Gruberova-a Slovak belcanto queen and a lady of world opera scenes who accepted an invitation to give her performance during the concert organized within the prestigious cycle ICE Classic -looks like, signs and what she might present to us.

After listening to the overture to The Barber of Seville by G. Rossini  performed at the beginning by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra under the baton of Peter Valentovic, the audience was welcomed by the star of the evening who entered the stage with extraordinary grace and elegance and received enthusiastic ovation from the audience.

And the proper part of the evening commenced. Already during the first aria of Linda from Act I  „O luce di quest’anima”  of Gaetan Donizetti we could taste the climate of the concert which was about to begin.
The stage was taken over by a unique peacefulness, gentleness, subtlety, grace and elegance….
 „O luce di quest’anima, delizia, amore e vita, la nostra sorte unita ..” „Tutto tace intorno, intorno” ..
All of the performances were so well-balanced, thoughtful and precise, well rounded in every single detail but, at the same time, forced to meditate, reflect on, even the scene of madness of Lucia di Lammermoor  was insanely calm…

I listened to all the selected arias with great respect and I accepted the emotions coming from them because I could feel in each and every one of them a tremendous, gathered over years  experience and  a unique form which was also noticed and underlined by music lovers in the heated discussions during the concert intervals. 
 However it was „Casta diva”  performed by the living legend which for me was the musical queen of the evening.

Copyright by Michał Ramus

The  Beethoven Academy Orchestra which accompanied the maestro in the first part of the concert made at times an impression of being greatly impressed itself by the greatness of fame which occurred along the moments of certain lack of harmony, but this fact was greatly and more than rewarded by the second part of the concert with the performance of „Meditations“ from „Thais“ of Jules Massenet (this particular piece was the greatest magnet for me, attracting my attention the most) or else the overture to the opera „Norma“-huge applause for the concert leading conductor Peter Valentovic.

During this special evening the audience could not miss certain gifts-the charismatic artist  came out for the encore three times, performing the aria of Signore Ascolta! from the opera of Turandot Giacomo Puccini as well as a daring aria Spiel Ich die Unschuld  from the operetta „The Bat“ of Johann Strauss to which the artist added a drop of her humour and acting imaginativeness.

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